"Lauren, I just got the drawing and I love it!!  You caught her eyes and everything else from my different photos! I am going to have it framed and give it to my husband for his birthday.  The bad thing its not until July.  It will be hard to keep it from him! Thank you so much and I sincerely wish you the best in your drawings.  I know everyone has a reason, but please keep on drawing.You have been so nice and patient with me.  Friends always,"  

-Jan Emison

To get started, 

you will need a good quality photo in clear focus that shows as much detail as possible. Also, make sure the entire body of the pet is included. It is best if you can take the photo eye level with your pet.  The better your photo, the better your drawing. If  it is a photo that you love, what you love about your pet will come through in the drawing. You can see from the slide show how the drawing progresses from the photo.

A photo captures a likeness that shows every ray of light the camera sees. The artist sees an image through their eye that filters out all the non-essential elements to capture the living, heart, soul and spirit of your pet.

A detailed graphic pencil portrait will focus the attention on your pets personality, capturing all the textures of fur, wet shiny nose, or sparkle of the eyes, by filtering out color as a distraction. The shading will range from black, to several shades of gray, all the way to white, and will highlight your pets character and expressiveness.

I would love to draw your Pet's Portrait, no matter what kind of animal it may be, and capture the wonderful essence in their soul that makes you smile and warms your heart!

Click on any image to enlarge.


"You really captured her personality. And she has a big one."  -Susan Ehrlich

"This totally captures Poppy's personality--I love how you did her hair." -Hannah Engel

"I know that girl! Thanks so much Lauren. You really captured her, I really appreciate your work." -Kirk Smith

"That immediately brought tears to my eyes. You are an amazing artist and such a generous friend!!! Beautiful!!" 

-Vallerie Holloway Dontes

"Got it!!  It's fabulous.  Looks so much better in person.  I will take it to a frame shop next week.  Thank you SO much.  She's going to love it!"  -Monica Boruch

"Just amazing.  These are beautiful.  She has such a way of capturing their expressions and especially their eyes.  We are very proud that Finn is in there in her portrait gallery.  Just one of the best presents I've ever gotten." -Christine Farley

"I received the portrait of Sophie as a gift.  It was truly one of the most amazing gifts I think I have ever gotten.  It is so beautiful and perfectly captures who Sophie is!!  You are incredibly talented!!! Thanks so much for the special gift you have and sharing it with me!" -Cheryl Mendelson

"Oh she's beautiful, Lauren Miller..thank you so much!" ​Deborah Tanner

Portrait Pet Art

Professional, one of a kind classic drawings of your beloved pet.