Welcome to Portrait Pet Art!

My name is Lauren Miller and I am an artist who draws original, one of a kind classic drawings of your pet. You can commission your pet portrait from this site and I will tell you everything necessary to create a fine art portrait of your pet.

Our pets give us constant entertainment, laughter, and most of all, unconditional love. They are there for us during tough times, greeting us with pure joy to brighten our day. A hand drawn portrait of your pet will capture your lovable pet so you can treasure that feeling forever.

These portraits make wonderful gifts for any special occasion, birthday, anniversary, Father's or Mother's Day, or as a memorial for someone who is grieving the loss of their beloved pet. I also offer GIFT CERTIFICATES, if you are unable to arrange everything on time, or you are looking for a unique gift!

In the GALLERY you will see a few of the most recent pet portraits displayed and discover how to get started with your pet's portrait. 

Portrait Pet Art

Professional, one of a kind classic drawings of your beloved pet.

"Oh she's beautiful, Lauren Miller..thank you so much!" 
​Deborah Tanner